Lates and Very Lates


Extend your season with hardy, late blooming daylilies.

“DISP” under the price indicates that the plant is on display awaiting increase before we can sell more. Don’t let that stop you from asking about a plant as there may be enough available since the last update to the list.

Characteristic Codes

Ploidy: Dip – Diploid,   Tet – Tetraploid
Foliage Dor – Dormant,   Evr – Evergreen   SEv – Semi Evergreen
Bloom Period: EE – Extra early,   E – Early,   EM – Early Mid,   M – Mid
ML – Mid Late,   L – Late,   VL – Very Late   Re – Rebloom
Form Db – Double   Sp – Spider   UFO – Unusual Form
Other Ext – Extended bloom,   Frag – Fragrant,   VFrag – Very Fragrant,
Emo – Early Morning Opener

AFTERGLOW OF LOVE HANSON, C (2001) (28",Tet,6",SEv,VL) Golden yellow self above a green throat. 15 df
AUGUST FLAME WOODS (1967) (38",Dip,5.25",Dor,VL) Flame-red blend above a green to gold throat. 10 df
BACK TO SCHOOL SOBEK (2003) (42",Dip,4",Dor,VL) Tall rose red self above a green throat. Starts blooming mid-August through frost. Bud builder! DISP -
BERMUDA CORAL MARVIN (1986) (45",Tet,6.50",Dor,VL) Creamy coral self. 15 df
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER MURPHY, J. P. (2005) (44",Dip,6",Dor,VL) Sunfast, bright tomato-red blooms with a gold throat and a green heart. Burgundy buds. 25 df
CARMINE ELIZABETH SEAWRIGHT (2010) (38",Tet,6",Dor,VL) Red self. DISP -
FINALIST WEITZ (2009) (32",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Yellow with a maroon eye. DISP -
FROM THIS MOMENT ON HANSON, C (2011) (43",Tet,6",SEv,VL) Flat yellow flowers above a green throat. Fertile both ways. DISP -
JOANNA LEE AHRENS HANSON, C (2000) (42",Tet,7",Dor,VL) Blush pink with a gold edge above a chartreuse throat. DISP -
LAST CHANCE FOR ROMANCE MURPHY, J. P. (2007) (37",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Ruffled, clear pink with a cream edge above a chartreuse throat. Excellent parent for lates. Fertile both ways. 40 df
LATE SUMMER FLING KRUPIEN (1998) (54",Dip,4.50",Dor,VL) Yellow and pink blend above a yellow throat. DISP -
LORD OF AUTUMN MARVIN, Don (2005) (48",Tet,8",Dor,VL) Rose bronze blend with a gold edge above a yellow throat. Fertile both ways. DISP -
MARMALADE MUNCHER GROSSMAN, M (2010) (25",Tet,5.25",SEv,VL) Orange pink polychrome with a toothy golden edge above a yellow throat. Pod and pollen fertile. DISP -
PINHILL CLARET SYMPHONY LEFKOVITS (2004) (45",Tet,6.50",Dor,VL) Claret red with a darker eyezone above a pumpkin throat. 25 df
SANDRA ELIZABETH STEVENS, D (1983) (28",Tet,6",Dor,VL) Deep yellow self. DISP -
SECOND COMING HANSON, C (2009) (33",Tet,5",Dor,VL) Cream pink polychrome above a chartreuse throat. Sculpted form-pleated. Pod and pollen fertile. DISP -
SEPTEMBER WINNER SAXTON (1972) (36",Dip,5",Dor,VL) Light greenish yellow with a green throat DISP -
SIMMERING ELEPHANTS MURPHY, J. P. (2005) (30",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Grey-brown blend with a purple-red eye, yellow midribs, prominent veins on petals above an orange and yellow throat. Unique color pattern, blemish free foliage and it increases quickly. DISP -
VT AUTUMN GARNET DARROW, C () (26",Dip,5",Dor,VL) Purple raspberry with red accents. Very late season bloomer! DISP -
VT BLUSHING MELON DARROW, C () (30",Dip,5",SEv,VL) Glowing ruffled melon, near white hue with pink undertone above a green throat. DISP -
VT FALL PINK MELON DARROW, C (0000) (24",Dip,6",Dor,VL) Pink and Melon blend with pale lavender overtones. Fast increaser. Not registered. 10 df
VT HURRICANE EDUARD DARROW, C () (24",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Violet with a pink haze. DISP -
VT RIVER PROMENADE DARROW, C () (32",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Champagne pink with peach overlay. Sepals are brushed creamsicle. DISP -
VT ROUGE BLUSH DARROW, C () (36",Dip,5",SEv,VL) Strawberry rose with a white picotee and creamy white midribs above a ruby eye. Fast increaser. DISP -
VT RR RED DARROW, C () (36",Dip,5",Dor,VL) Coral red above a green throat. Bud builder! DISP -
VT SEPTEMBER STAR DARROW, C () (24",Dip,5.50",Dor,VL) Baby pink above a yellow orange throat. DISP -
VT SEVEN VEILS DARROW, C () (36",Dip,6",Dor,VL) Lavender rose with white midribs above a chartreuse throat. DISP -
VT SHOCKER DARROW, C () (32",Tet,4.50",Dor,VL) Creamy cantaloupe with a rose halo above a yellow green throat. DISP -
VT TYPE ALPHA DARROW, C (0000) (24",Dip,5",Dor,VL) Rose-pink with a dark pink halo and veins surrounded by a cream picotee edge. Blooms from August into September here. 10 df
VT YELLOW SIGHTS DARROW, C () (45",Dip,5",Dor,VL) Daffodil yellow flowers above a green throat. Bud builder! DISP -
WAVES BECOME WINGS HANSON, C (2001) (36",Tet,6",SEv,VL) Lavender pink blend above a chartreuse throat. 20 df